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Second Generation Serverless

Serverless compute embedded in developer friendly notebooks, designed to get teams coding, collaborating and deploying in minutes.

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Build and Maintain Digital Services with less effort.

50% of developer productivity is wasted on context switches, waiting on deploys, searching documentation and reacting production bugs.

With webcode the code, IDE, frontend and technical documentation is in a single browser-based notebook.

Webcode deploys instantly and provides hot-code reloading out-of-the-box.

Webcode is a ground-up rethink of how we deploy and maintain software services with a focus on developer ergonomics and operations.

What other business owners are saying

The WEB as a Cloud Platform uses a browser as a server.

When frontend, backend, production and development are harmonized, new development workflows are possible.

WEBCode's developers can intercept, debug and proccess production traffic live!

WEBCode makes Cloud developer operations feel simple and local.


Half your production tooling

When you use a browser for everything, only front end technologies are needed. Its development, simplified. Front End for Everything!


Give your reactive notebooks auth and database. Both Firebase *and* Firebase admin features are availible. Mint and verify custom auth tokens to build out a secure backend.

Gather actionable context around errors that occur in the wild, gather performance statistics and tracing across client and server.

Automate frontend unit test reports via healthchecks

Plausible Analytics

Gather privacy respecting analytics about service usage. Discover how users discover your tools, and how they use them

Give your notebooks an always-on presence on the internet, by hosting horizontally scalable HTTP function handlers from inside. Do Oauth handshakes, create webhooks, the world is your Oyster!


You can create public endpoints for free! If you wish to keep your source code private, you need a Team account on and upload an API key to

In the future there will be usage based pricing for resource intensive customers

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